All About Children’s Emotions

Best books for kids to learn how to regulate, handle emotions, and be mindful

Picture Books That Teach Kids How to Stop and Think, Handle Emotions, and Be Mindful

One of my favorite ways to talk about regulation with my son and to give him insight into new self-regulation ...
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Your baby's emotional development

Your Baby’s Emotions: Books about Feelings, Milestones, and Activities

Baby's Emotional Development and Milestones There is nothing like that first time your baby looks at you and really grins ...
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What to do about your 3-year-old's defiance

Toddler Defiance and the Brain: They Know Better, But Can They Do Better? (yes, but they need help)

The difference between 2-year-old defiance and 3-year-old defiance is that smirk. That twinkle in their eye, the thrill of knowing ...
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Three steps for not giving up

How to Give Your Child Grit: The Courage and Determination to Try Again

Your child is putting on her coat. She carefully places the hood over her head so she can get each ...
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The Secret to your 2-Year-Old's Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

The Secret to Your 2-Year-Old’s Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

Inside: 7 science-backed tips for parenting your two year old. The early toddler years are both joyful and difficult, but ...
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Teach your child ways to regulate their energy and intensity at an early age and set them up for success!

7 Ways to Turn Power-Struggles and Over-Excitement into Cooperation and Joy

Being highly spirited is a type of temperament -- an early form of personality that has biological and brain-based roots ...
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life skills for kids

The Most Important Life Skill to Teach Children: Self-Regulation

Inside: 7 science-backed ways to teach your child the all-important life skill of self-regulation. There is one life skill that ...
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8 Vital Reasons to Teach Your Child About Feelings

8 Vital Reasons to Teach Your Child About Feelings

As a child developmental researcher, my area of expertise is emotion. I have studied it, researched it, written about it ...
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help an angry child

Teach Your Child How to Regulate Their Anger in a Healthy Way

Inside: Anger management for kids that teaches them how to actually work through the emotion in healthy ways. Honestly, I ...
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Highly Spirited child

The Playful Strategy That Will Help Your Spirited Child Calm Down

Your child is playing at the park on the playset and you see her behavior spiraling upwards-- she's getting more ...
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Help Kids Calm Down

Three Quick Tips to Help Kids Calm Down

When kids have big emotions, we often say "calm-down" without showing them how to do that. We must also give ...
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