Parenting Resources

If you are looking for some great resources for questions you have about child development or parenting, you have come to the right place. These online resources are high-quality evidence-based information that can be a good place to start if you have questions.

Looking for information on child development? How to find a parent coach or a child therapist? Information on emotion regulation in children? Check out my parent resource page.

Keep in mind, I cannot diagnose or otherwise treat anyone. The topics on my blog are for informational/educational purposes only. Please consult your pediatrician or find a therapist near you if you have mental health or health concerns about your child.

Find a pediatrician tool

What to know about taking your child to a therapist

Find a Child Psychologist/Therapist tool

Looking for help right now? A parent coach can meet with you by phone or online to answer questions.

Nicole Schwarz, MA LMFT

Debbie Zeichner, LCSW

Resources for Child Development and Parenting

Evidence-Based information on Breastfeeding:

Evidence-based information on Child Development:

Harvard’s Center on the Developing Child:

PBS Parents Child Development Advice:

Science-Based Information for Parents:

U of Michigan page for Parents and Families:

Resources for Child Health

First signs of Developmental Delays:

American Academy of Pediatricians resource page for parents:

American Psychological Association’s Guide for Parents:

A Parent‘s Guide to First Aid:

Resources for Emotions and Emotion Regulation

Emotion and Social Coping Skills for Kids:

Child Temperament from U. of Maryland: 

Center on the Developing Child Harvard:

Mindfulness Dr. Amy Saltzman:

Happiness, Empathy, Compassion:

Social and Emotional Learning:


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