Mindful Parenting

Kids doing service

How to Raise Kind and Compassionate Kids in Today’s Busy World

Inside: 8 real-world tips (and books!) to intentionally raise kind and compassionate kids from the founder of Kind Projects of ...
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Bedtime Routine

Create the Best Bedtime Routine For Your Child According to Science

Inside: How to build a better bedtime routine for your child that is proven to help kids go to sleep ...
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Best books for kids to learn how to regulate, handle emotions, and be mindful

Picture Books That Teach Kids How to Stop and Think, Handle Emotions, and Be Mindful

One of my favorite ways to talk about regulation with my son and to give him insight into new self-regulation ...
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Turn negative self-talk into self-compassion with these 5 steps

How to Help Your Child Turn Negative Self-Talk into Self-Kindness

My son was having a particularly clumsy day. He stepped on a Lego not once, but twice (not just a ...
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Disciplining Your Toddler

The One Thing to Always Say When Disciplining Your Toddler

This is the one phrase we use all the time in our family, a phrase that helps empower kids to change their behavior. The ...
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positive parent

The Power of Saying “Yes” in Parenting

Join our #YESvember challenge and find your inner yes! (details at the end of this post). I was eating with ...
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grumpy kids in the morning

How To Help Your Kid Wake Up Happy

I remember when my son was a toddler and he would come into our room in the morning (a little ...
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A Better Way to Say “Good Job” to Your Kids

If you have been reading the news recently, you've probably seen something about how praising children too much or in ...
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The Ultimate Playlist for a Smoother Day with your Toddler

Mary Poppins was on to something when she sang "just a spoonful of sugar helps the medicine go down." Being ...
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manage screen time

Teach Your Kids To Manage Their Own Screen Time

Our children are digital natives. They were born into a world of instant downloads and touchscreens. Into a world where ...
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positive parent toddlers and kids

3 Simple Steps to Positive Discipline: Are you Reacting or Responding to Your Child?

Inside: Positive parenting doesn't have to be difficult. Learn how to use positive discipline techniques in three easy steps and ...
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positive parent strategies for tweens and teens

4-Step Guide for Positive Parenting Tweens and Teens: Balancing Responsibility with Connection

We went to a neighboring town to order balloons for my son's upcoming birthday. We yelped a place for dinner ...
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happy parents

7 Habits of Highly Playful Parents

Have you ever had the experience of meeting a stranger and connecting with them in a way that changes you? ...
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How to be a mindful parent

Mindful Parenting: The Magic Formula for a More Meaningful Life with Kids

I am standing at the kitchen sink and I sigh at the pile of unwashed dishes. I start rinsing and ...
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What to do about your 3-year-old's defiance

Toddler Defiance and the Brain: They Know Better, But Can They Do Better? (yes, but they need help)

The difference between 2-year-old defiance and 3-year-old defiance is that smirk. That twinkle in their eye, the thrill of knowing ...
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Be Your Child's Emotion Coach With These 10 Powerful Parenting Phrases

10 Emotion-Coaching Phrases to Use When Your Child is Upset

Inside: 10 Phrases to use when your child is upset to coach them through the big and difficult emotions and ...
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The Secret to your 2-Year-Old's Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

The Secret to Your 2-Year-Old’s Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

Inside: 7 science-backed tips for parenting your two year old. The early toddler years are both joyful and difficult, but ...
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5 tips to raise children who believe in themselves

Help Your Child Gain True Confidence and Internal Motivation

This year my son started kindergarten and he is obsessed with the color-coded behavioral management system used in the classroom ...
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understanding your strong willed child

How to Parent Your Strong-Willed Child According to Science: Understanding Their Temperament

Inside: Understand the temperament of a strong-willed child and what strategies work best to gain their cooperation without dampening their ...
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Teach your child ways to regulate their energy and intensity at an early age and set them up for success!

7 Ways to Turn Power-Struggles and Over-Excitement into Cooperation and Joy

Being highly spirited is a type of temperament -- an early form of personality that has biological and brain-based roots ...
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The best way to change a behavior is to give a concrete example of how to change. Great tips on how to use books to help children learn to regulate emotions and behaviors! Positive book series are listed by age-- recommendations from age 2 to age 13!

Books are Every Parent’s Best Secret Tool to Change Their Kid’s Behavior

You know that moment when the preschool teacher waves you to the side and says, "Caleb pushed another child down ...
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Be a calm mom. Do you ever lose it with your kids and feel guilty? Do you ever stay calm and feel drained? Join the club. It's not just about being calm, but also being centered. Let be calm and strong moms together!

Five Steps to Calm and Centered Even When Your Child is Out of Control

Let's face it -- when it comes to the child-parent relationship, there is one person who has mature self-control and ...
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Four Mealtime Strategies for Kids Who Won't Sit Still!

Four Mealtime Strategies for Kids Who Won’t Sit Still!

I don't know if you heard through the grapevine like I did that kids in France will sit through dinners ...
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How to Get Your Child to Listen

When we say we want our children to listen to us what we are really saying is that we want ...
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