Whole Child Development

books that build resilience in children

Books that Help Kids to Be Brave, Bounce Back, and Build Resilience

Books that build resilience in children can give them a preview of the wisdom they will gain from life experience ...
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how the environment shapes your child's brain

The Best Four Things You Can Do For Your Child’s Brain According to Science

Inside: Understand how your child's brain develops best in a wild environment and what kinds of experiences are best for ...
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best books for kids to inspire creativity

The Book List That Will Spark Your Child’s Creativity and Independent Play All Summer Long

Inside: Are your kids bored? Solve two things at once -- get your kids reading this summer and engaging in ...
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The Benefits of Being a Nature Kid (and how to get your child to enjoy nature walks!)

Inside: How nature benefits your child's development and five tips to get your child to love nature walks. Time and ...
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Growth spurts and cognitive leaps in childhood

The Surprising Reason your Child is Suddenly Cranky (and what to do about it!)

There are lots of reasons that kids get cranky -- just like us, they have bad days too. Some of ...
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7 Heart-Warming Ways to Track Your Child’s Growth and Development from Kindergarten to 12th Grade

When your child is a baby, toddler, and preschooler there are so many natural milestones. First smile, first words, first ...
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What to do about your 3-year-old's defiance

Toddler Defiance and the Brain: They Know Better, But Can They Do Better? (yes, but they need help)

The difference between 2-year-old defiance and 3-year-old defiance is that smirk. That twinkle in their eye, the thrill of knowing ...
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books that inspire kids to change the world

Books that Inspire Your Child to Become a Problem Solver, a Critical Thinker, and Change the World

When I was teaching college students I was often surprised at how little they knew about the process of thinking ...
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The Secret to your 2-Year-Old's Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

The Secret to Your 2-Year-Old’s Heart (and gaining their cooperation)

Inside: 7 science-backed tips for parenting your two year old. The early toddler years are both joyful and difficult, but ...
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Why you should read to your older child too

Top 7 Reasons to Read Aloud With Your Older Child

As my son gets older I find myself thinking about the routines and traditions will stand the test of time ...
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why rhyming books are good for brain development

Why Rhyming Books Are Good for Brain Development

You are snuggled with your little one in their bed, it's bedtime. What is the best book to read? Rhyming ...
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teach your child to read

How to Teach Your Child to Read According to Child Development Research

I was in graduate school when the Teach Your Baby to read DVDs came out. In the developmental psychology department, ...
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Best Games to Teach Kids Self-Regulation an Age by Age Guide

Best Games to Teach Kids Self-Regulation an Age by Age Guide

Do you do a family game night? Here is the magical thing about it -- it grows with the family ...
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Raise Kind Kids

The Science of Kindness: How to Raise Kind and Joyful Kids with The Kindness Elves

This holiday season I want to be more choosy in our holiday traditions. To let go of traditions that bring ...
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Benefits of Imaginary Play

The Benefits of Pretend Play and How to Encourage it

At my son's four-year well-visit, the nurse mentioned that he wouldn't have to have any more shots until he was ...
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Picture books about grief

How to Help Your Child Cope With the Loss of a Loved One

Recently we suffered a loss in our family. After years of trying and hoping, we were ready to welcome our ...
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Best Board Games For Kids: Boost Their Executive Functioning Skills

These are my favorite board games for kids that help them practice executive function and self-regulation skills. These skills are ...
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What is a cognitive leap?

Baby not sleeping? Could it be a cognitive leap? (and other comforting things to know about development in the first two years)

My son was about 6 months old when I read something that made me feel so relieved about my parenting: ...
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playroom rug and toddler bookshelf

How to Create a Play Area for Your Baby

This post contains Amazon affiliate links. See my Policies for details.  When my son was 7 months old we braved ...
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Five ways play affects children's development and quick tips from a child psychologist on how to nurture those types of play!

Top Five Ways Children Develop Through Play

I believe that play is how children learn about the world around them. This belief has come from reading many theories ...
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Increase Attention With Play

Focused attention, sometimes known as attention regulation, is the ability to shift and focus attention and blocking out extraneous information when ...
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How to Create A Playroom That Will Grow With Your Child

A little over a year ago we moved across the country. Then we spent 6-months in temporary housing. Once we finally found ...
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Is Your Child a Dandelion or an Orchid?

The first time I heard this analogy was at child development conference 10 years ago. I had become interested in ...
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A Child Psychologist's Favorite Games to Increase Kids Self-Control! I love these! NurtureandThriveBlog.com

My Favorite Games for Fostering Self-Regulation in 3 to 5-Year-Olds

My first requirement for a family game is for it to be fun. Truly fun -- for the whole family ...
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