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Best Interactive Books for Toddlers

Best Interactive Books Toddlers Nurture and Thrive Blog

This is the third installment in my series Making the Most out of Storytime. Today we are looking at some of my favorite interactive books for toddlers! You can find my recommendations for interactive books for preschoolers here.Best Interactive Books Toddlers Nurture and Thrive Blog

Really you can use these books for preschoolers as well, but these are great for getting younger children involved in the story telling. Any book that focus on colors or has a simple narrative will engage toddlers and lend itself to the type of prompting I discussed in this post (and printable!)— which supports the development of emergent literacy.

Here is the list of prompts I shared before for reference:

Making the Most out of Storytime (with printable!)


Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?, Peek-A Who?, and Moo Baa La La La
are great books to get toddlers started on completion prompts– for example, you say “I see a ______” and your toddler says “yellow duck!” This happens after reading the book a few times. You can also ask recall prompts, “who is peeking next?” And connection (distancing) prompts “Did we see a brown bear at the zoo?/ Did we see a pig at the farm? Did he say la, la, la?”

The Thingamabob and Freight Train Board Book (Caldecott Collection) are awesome simple narratives that are great for What, Why, How prompts: What happens next, what is the thingamabob, what train car is that, what color is that train car, where do you think the train is going, how do they use the thingamabob? Both of these books work well for completion prompts as well.

Planes Go and all of the book in that series (Trains Go ,Trucks Go,Diggers Go, Boats Go) are very engaging for younger toddlers. Each page is a brightly colored plane, a label, and a sound: “The propeller plane goes, “HUK HUK HUK WHIRRRRRRR WHIRRRRRR.” These are great for asking: “what is that plane? What color is that plane? How does that plane go?

You can apply interactive prompting to any book and probably are doing some of this prompting naturally already. I think it is something that grows along with your child. With a younger toddler, you may stick to just a few of the prompts and only prompt a few times a story, whereas with an older preschooler you may prompt a lot and use most of the prompts. The books listed here are my favorites for getting started with interactive reading with toddlers because they very naturally lend themselves to the method.

Happy Reading!

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